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Gail Shore Author

Photo by Jana Noonan Photography

Gail Shore has traveled the globe for decades photographing and documenting experiences about some of the world’s most fascinating, exotic and misunderstood places. As she explores these regions, she spends time with local people and participates in their daily lifestyles.

She has turned her global experiences into creative teaching tools to broaden students’ world views. She founded Cultural Jambalaya (www.CulturalJam.org), a nonprofit that brings the world into the classroom with free multimedia content and lesson plans that improve global awareness and cross-cultural understanding. The videos, viewed by hundreds of thousands of students around the world, are designed to spark imagination and to encourage critical thinking as they learn about the cultures and individuals in each episode. Gail believes respecting each other’s differences as well as our similarities can shatter stereotypes and break down cultural barriers.

Gail is also the president of Shore to Shore Communications, Inc., a public relations management and consulting firm she founded in 1989.

Born in Milwaukee, Gail has lived her adult life in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Today, she resides on a quiet lake in northwest Wisconsin.